Mantras and their healing power for remedies

The science of mantras is a result of research and hard work by Indian scholars and sages. Mantras, meditation and astrology go hand in hand. 

The mantra is a means to achieve a desired aim with the help of devotion and perseverance. Mantra is constituted by consciously regulated words and syllables set to a definite rhythm which when chanted with proper vibration and faith yields the required results. Each mantra has its own specific effect and has typical characteristics and features.

The mechanism of mantra can be described scientifically with the help of these following hypotheses:


(1) All intelligence/ knowledge in this world is made of special particles and can be divided into conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious (infinite intelligence) levels.

(2) Whatever event takes place is a result of permutation and combination of these special particles.

Human being which operates in the conscious & sub conscious levels do not have free access to the infinite intelligence but they can elevate themselves to that level with the help of mantras. This is similar to the tuning of the radio receiver to the radio waves to catch sound signals which otherwise remain inaudible to us.

Similarly when a child cries (mantra) the mothera immediate reaction is to tend to the child (result): They are at the same level of intelligence and their minds are tuned to each other place. Teacher- student, Deity- devotee is other examples.

Thus mantras provide a normal human the power to convey his requests and goals to the infinite intelligence level and exert force over the special particles of intelligence/ knowledge so as to bring his desires true.

Specific words when combined with proper rhythm and vibrations act as a magnet & attract the related particles and act as a catalyst for them to combine in such a way, as to bring about the aimed circumstances and soothing effects.

Proper recitation of mantras releases immense spiritual energy that charges up and activates the Kundilini Shakti in the sookham sharir.

Hence, chanting of mantra releases energy which attracts, channelises and concentrates the special particles of the universe, thereby resulting in the desired aim and also giving concentration powers to the sadhak.

For the success of a mantra total self surrender, devotion, dedication and faith in the Divine Power are needed.

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