Karnapidasana- Inverted plow pose

Karnapidasana Inverted plow pose

Karnapidasana pose is also known as inverted plow pose. This is one of the asana of hatha yoga. It  may seem difficult for beginners but can be mastered within few weeks of practice.

Inverted plow pose


  • Lie inverted with your back and leg straight on the floor. Make sure to keep your arms sideways and in straight position.

  • Take a deep breath and press your palms on the floor.

  • Release your breath and lift your legs high into air. Keep your legs straight and joint in the air Try not have any gap in between legs .

  • Slowly put your legs over your head.

  • Keep your arms parallel to the floor and press your upper arms.

  • [caption id="attachment_717" align="aligncenter" width="725"]Inverted plow pose Beginner can hold the posture with arms initially[/caption]

  • Lift your hips and drop your knees and while doing so release your breathe.

  • Open your bend knees and put them down onto floor on each side of head.

  • Bring your legs down and press the tops of your knees against top of your shoulder blade.

  • Stretch your arms down in parallel position and keep your palm facing towards ceiling.

  • Hold the position for 5-6 breaths and then slowly release your breaths.

  • Press your arms into the floor and roll back your body to starting position and rest.

  • Inverted plow pose

    Karnapidasana Inverted plow pose Benefits

  • Offers deeper spinal flexion and stretches your hips.

  • Provide great internal massage to the abdominal organs.

  • Calms your brain.

  • Stretches your shoulder and spine.

  • Helps in curing menopause.

  • Great stress and fatigue buster.

  • Relieves the body of backache, infertility and insomnia.

  • Cautions

  • Don’t do this asana if you are suffering from diarrhea.

  • Women in their menstruation should also refrain for some days.

  • Make sure to keep the position of your neck steady otherwise neck injury might occur.

  • People with asthma and high blood pressure should refrain.


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