Kapalbhati Pranayama --- Skull Shining Breathing in Yoga

In this post we are going to reveal another powerful breathing exercise called Kapalbhati Pranayama  or Skull Shining Breathing techniques. This exercise mainly helps you lose weight and helps you in gaining balance of your body. It is very easy to do and within few minutes it will relax you r body. This is one of the best exercises to remove toxins produce in your body.  Here is fun fact 80% of your body toxins  are released when you exhale out and yoga is all about breathing . So let’s explore the technique to perform this exercise.

Step 1.  Sit in straight position with your spine in  erect position . Place your hands on your knees and palms open to the sky.

Step 2.  Tale a deep breath in . The more you can breathe in the better this exercise works for you.

Step 3. As you exhale out, pull your stomach and navel  toward your spine. Try to pull as much as possible. In this exercise you just have to focus on breathing out. Let’s suppose you have breathe in and while exhaling you don’t have to exhale completely at once. You have to exhale in parts. Inhale once exhale in part.  But while exhaling make sure that your stomach pull toward your spine every time you exhale. Inhalation should be slow but exhalation should be forceful. Generally, if it took you x time for inhaling , it will have to take you 2x or3x ore 4x for exhaling.






Kapalbhati 2

Step 4. Take 20 such breaths to complete one round of kapalbhati pranayama.

Step 5. After completing this round relax with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

Step 6.  Do  4- 5 rounds daily.


  • Best for weight loss reduction .

  • Clear your whole body from toxins.

  • Best for diabetic patients as it stimulates pancreas and regular practice can cure it.

  • Adds glow and radiance to face.

  • Improves digestive system and energizes brain cells.

  • Calms mind and soul.



  • People with pacemaker , backache due to slip disk or had any surgery should avoid this exercise. But don’t worry there are other breathing techniques for them too that we will discuss in next post.

  • Women should not practice during or after pregnancy. Also , if possible try to avoid during menstruation and can practice after completion of your cycle.

  • Practice on empty stomach.

  • Scientific  Revelations

  • Researchers have successfully testified to the kapalbhati technique that it helps in strengthening o respiratory muscles and therefore improves pulmonary funcition.

  • Also researchers have acknowledged to the fact that breath holding capacity in obese children increased significantly within 6 weeks and weight loss was observed within 12 weeks of practice.

  • You yourself can Google the research papers that testifies the above claims. Allspirituals wants you to be your own judge.



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