How yoga works --- revealed

How yoga works --- revealed

In this post we are going to study about  the science behind the yoga. Although in contemporary scientific era a concrete approach has  yet  to be developed to study and determine that how yoga works. But some major breakthroughs have been found in science that successful determines that how yoga affects your physique and mind.


A  group of researchers at Boston University School of Medicine believe they’ve discovered yoga’s secret. In an article published in the May 2012 issue of Medical Hypotheses journal under an impossibly long title, Chris Streeter, PhD, and his team hypothesize that yoga works by regulating the nervous system. As per the research analysis Yoga helps in increasing the vagal tone. Vagal tone determines the body’s ability to respond to stress.

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Each of us has a vagus nerve in our body . This is the largest cranial nerve that starts from the base of the skull and extends to the whole body . This nerve influences our respiratory , digestive and nervous systems. It also influences our heart rate and blood pressure too.  With the toning  of vagus our digestion improves significantly and heart functions to an optimum level. Blood pressure remains at normal level. The major benefit is that our stress levels remain low.

On the other side low vagal tone leads to severe conditions such as depression , post-traumatic stress disorder , chronic pain and epilepsy.  These are the condition that yoga helps in improving  the most.

Chanting  Om out loud also increases the vagal tone  and also helps in increasing the concentratioin of an individual. This was one of the study that testifies the validity of yoga . There are certain other research studies too that help in determining the effect of yoga on your physical, mental  and spiritual state.

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