How to do Surya namaskar / Sun Salutation Pose benefits revealed

How to do SURYA NAMASKAR | SUN SALUTATION POSE | Beginners Yoga Pose

Advantages of Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

Without the Sun our beautiful planet will be doomed. Sun is the ultimate source of energy. Ancient Indian rishis and sadhus tend to pay respect towards the sun by doing Surya namaskar so that they can absorb the solar radiation of the sun and can energize themselves.

Scientific Analysis

As per Indian rishis, our every part of the body is governed by a different deity. Sun is the central deity and it rules the part behind your navel called solar plexus. Regular practice of this technique enhances your size of solar plexus and thereby increasing one’s intuitive and creative abilities.

Recently, some scientists measured the effects of Surya namaskar. After practicing the technique they found that Systolic blood pressure, PEFR and FVC increased significantly and RR, HR, and diastolic blood pressure decreased. The above results were obtained after 45 days.

Why you should do Surya namaskar??

This practice is generally done at the time of sunrise. Chanting mantra with every asana is highly fruitful. All the mantra are given in the above table.

  1. Regular practice helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body and enhances your immunity power. Also, this posture leads to a good link between warms-ups and asanas and should be done on empty stomach.

  2. It is one of the best cardiovascular workout and highly effective for losing weight. It helps in losing weight by stretching your abdominal muscles and stimulates sluggish glands like thyroid gland.

  3. It also regulates irregular menstrual cycle in women and ensures in easy childbirth.

  4. It helps in bringing back the glow and prevents the wrinkles thereby making one look youthful.

  5. Development of solar plexus(second brain) helps in developing the intuitive ability and therefore ability to develop a sixth sense

  7. Benefits For Children

    Sun Salutation helps in improving concentration. It helps in reducing restlessness and anxiety. It helps in improving eyesight and makes spine and limbs flexible.

    From the above points, we can conclude that Surya namaskar is a very powerful set of 12 postures that can help in keeping the diseases at bay.  It is very easy and inexpensive to cure your complete body.

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