How to cleanse your Aura Energy

Every individual has an auric zone around him which is called aura alias bio-plazic. This is the defence shield of the body. Auric zone can be felt in all individuals
Aura energy around a bodyAll gods, goddesses saints and holy men have a light zone surrounding their heads. This is their Auric zone. Ordinary people are also surrounded by their auric zones due to their experience and knowledge. If we have to define auric zone then we can say that it is an energy field which has surrounded all material things. The auric zones of flora, fauna and individuals can easily be identified and felt.


Aura is an individual’s body energy. It is normally found upto 4-5 inches externally as well as internally in an individual. This energy field surrounds the body according to its shape and this is what is known as Aura. This defence shield prevents any kind of disease from entering the body. When the aura of any part of the body is infected then that parts power is deplated from next part. In that situation the thickness of the aura of that part reduces by 4-5 inches. As the infections grow more and more serious the more the aura of that portion gets decreased. At times, however, it so happens that more soul power (Prana Sakti) is added to the aura of the affected part instead. As a result, the range of the aura of that particular part increases by 8-10 inches thereby reducing infectious in that (person) individual. Hence, the individual becomes healthy and strong.

The health rays surrounding the outer portions of the body are called external aura while those present inside are known as internal aura.

An individual’s physical health and mental state have a rapid effect on the colour of his aura. External aura is a sort of a protective shield of the entire body. Mental tension, emotions, feelings and negative thoughts in an individual are some of the factors which affect the shape of one’s body aura. Negative thinking, anger, hatred, jealousy etc. are some of the factors which rupture the cover of the Aura. As a result, the auric zone gets polluted and our soul energy begins to leak from these holes thereby infecting the body. To set things right it is necessary to cleanse our auric zone. Once the process is completed we can very soon benefit by ridding ourselves from physical and mentail ailments.

Methods describing how to cleanse the Aura energy(Auric zone)

Aura can be thoroughly cleansed from head to toe by making the patient either lie on a bed, or sit on a chair or stand erect. Firstly, take a broad mouthed vessel like a bucket or a bowl. Take water and muse with one fist full of salt. Now keep the vessel filled with water on left side of the patient. If the patient is lying on a bed then place the vessel towards his feet. Now fold both your hands in the form of a cup and beginning from the patient’s head take it down towards his legs and close the fist on reaching the feet. (However, care should be taken that your hands are 3 to 4 inches above the patient) and open the fist in the water vessel. While opening the fist care should be taken not to touch the water in the vessel. Repeat this procedure 5-7 times for 3 days consecutively.

Furthermore, it is really important to concentrate on the process while cleaning the aura. If is done in the prescribed manner then the results will be very encouraging.

After cleansing the aura of the patient one should carefully wash his hands upto the elbow with soap else there is every possibility of one getting infected from the patient.

The water used for aura cleansing should be drained in a manner that it doesn't spill outside, otherwise there are chances of the aura getting infected again.

Cleanse Aura using an Egg

Get rid of all the clothes and then take a raw egg.
Wipe all body parts with that egg, especially the joints,and also behind the joints (like behind the knees and elbows).
Most negative energy in body is stored there along with the back of the neck.
After gently wiping all such parts with the egg, break it in a bowl and observe the pattern.
If raw egg has normal pattern and nothing unusual or no black color spots in it, then you had no negative energy in your body.
But if your body had that negative energy, then it will be absorbed by the egg and shown after breaking it.
Throw the contents of this bowl and have a shower

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