Halasana [Plow Pose] -- yoga

Halasana in yoga is  termed as plow pose. This asana derive its name from an Indian agricultural tool used for preparing fields for sowing. In this asana our own body takes the form of plow and it is great exercise to  cure many ailments.



  • Lie with your back straight on the floor and make sure your body doesn’t  have any bends.

  • Take a deep breath and lift your feet via your abdominal muscles at an angle of 90.

  • Keep hands behind your hips and support your back with them and lift them form ground.

  • halasana2

  • Continue breathing normally.

  • Slowly raise your legs from 90 to 180 angle with your legs touching the floor near your head.

  • Do not bend your neck while doing this yoga. No strain should be there on your neck.

  • Hold the pose fro few minutes the more you can better it is for you. After that bring your legs forward and start relaxing. During the pose in this yoga continue your breath normally.

  • Benefits

  • Strengthens your back , neck , shoulder and abs.

  • Great to calm your nervous system and reduces stress and fatigue.

  • Tones your legs.

  • Good for your eyes .

  • Highly beneficial for women during menopause.

  • Cautions

  • Avoid this asana if you have injured neck and back(severe pain).

  • People with very high blood pressure and diarrhea should restrain from doing this yoga exercise.

  • Ladies should refrain during pregnancy and during the first two days of menstrual cycle.

  • [video width="854" height="480" flv=""][/video]

    Do this asana daily  with your empty stomach. Morning is the best . If not possible in morning then go for it in evening at around 7 PM but make sure not to have any meal before 5 hrs of doing this asana. Do 8-10 rounds of this yoga daily and with breaks in between for relaxing. Do not  overdo this yoga.

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