forests the great teachers

Forests  the great teachers we can ever have

In this post we are going to understand the relevance of forests  the great teachers we can ever have in our lifetime. Once upon a time I was passing by a forests and suddenly I heard a voice calling me . The voice was of forests talking to me. The forest began telling me his story of how he was born and all about its pain it suffered. The forest told me that initially the origin of this great forest was just a seed. The seed was lost in the Earth with no assistance from anybody. Slowly, I began to sprout and I myself had to search for water. Nobody provided me water so I had spread my roots deep in the earth  for water only. Then slowly I began growing became food of many young creatures and provided life to them by bearing extreme pain every day. But I didn’t quit. I kept myself growing bearing all the pain without saying a word. Many diseases attacked me but still I kept silent and I fought them on my own without any aid. Also, faced floods, droughts and storms that too alone and again without any word.

tree teacher

Finally , I have grown fully . But as soon as I have grown my popularity and demand increased among humans.  I became their favorite. They began arriving once every few years to reduce my height. It hurt a lot. The pain was as if somebody cut my limbs. But I grew again so that I could be cut again. I did all this silently without a word. But today when I saw you I feel proud  of myself. Because I helped fostering mankind. I feel proud as I played a very great role for the development of humans. Today, I support millions of animal species and provide food , shelter and even oxygen to the humans. Finally, my efforts were noticed and the humans have started the campaign for saving me from extinction. But why ?? Obviously just because of his selfish motives. But don’t worry I kept sacrificing myself without any selfish motives for the past decades and I will continue to do so in future. My only aim is to sacrifice myself for you and that what make me proud myself.



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