Fix your relationship

Fix your relationship
In this post we are going to discuss how you can fix your relationship. The post is not limited to your spouse or your partner but also applies to your brother, sister or even your children. To fix your relationship it is of vital importance to figure out the cause of the problem. Generally, in most of the cases the problem is caused by the word “me”. This is a very small word and since the evolutions of humans it had created many wars and even led to the destruction of kingdoms. This magical word prevents you to admit your sins or mistakes . It infuses you with arrogance and asks you to be the boss of the relationship. I came across many parents who want their children to be a doctor , engineer or a businessman. Every parent want their kid to be Newton or Bill Gates. But nobody wants their children to be what they want. Similarly in relationship with your husband or wife, again you don’t want to be what defines your relationship. Instead you want to be the king of the relationship. But as far as I am concerned relationship is democracy not dictatorship. When democracy is invaded by authority we all know what happens. It directly creates history.

Sometimes people do get ready to fix their relationship but they never succeed . One of the reason is discussed above i.e. the solution to fix a relationship again involves the “me” . The solutions generally contains the benefit of an individual only . Another problem that evolves is that sometime you try to be accurate to minute details or you become too fastidious. You start giving to much thought to the solution always trying to make it an ideal and ultimate but it further leads to complex problems. For Example let’s assume you want your children to secure “A” in all his examinations but right now he is securing “D”. You started designing a perfect strategy to achieve a perfect score and you start implementing it too. But the problem to the above scenario is that In the above approach you have your selfishness. I understand that it is good for your kids future but the truth is “Rome was not built in a day”. Your kid might not be able to sustain pressure and in severe cases it has lead to mental breakdown.

Fix your relationship
Similarly , in relationship with your partner sometimes you want to fix your relationship instantly but in turn it jeopardizes it. So , give each other enough time to fix the relationship . Understand each other capabilities and try to find a unanimous solution to all your problems. Don’t impose yourself on each other and choose the word “we” instead of “me”. When this happens all your problems will lost into thin air.

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