In this post we are going to discuss about the magical word ‘ fear redefined’ . This is a magical word because it is the greatest enemy and without any weapon it can destroy anybody. You might have heard that some people insists that they have fear of death. Is that really true?? How can somebody be afraid of something which has never been seen by self? Fear always arises from the things or situations we have seen or have experienced . So , why does people say that they are fearful of death?? Truth is they are not feared by death instead they fear that there associations, friends , families and all the happy memories and experiences will be taken away after death.  The fear is only the loss of materialistic possessions. Let’s imagine you can take everything from your material possession to your friends and family with you , will you be afraid of death ??  No.


Our fear motivates  us to go for protect ourselves . In turn we create another source of fear. For example to prevent oneself from the enemy nations developed  defense forces . Wherever there is defense there will be offence. Wherever there  are military forces there will be war and again war creates fear. Therefore, to prevent fear we give rise to another fear. This was all about the physical pain. Now, whenever we are encountered with psychological pain we adopt beliefs to cure them. Internally we always have doubt regarding the validity of beliefs . When these beliefs are hindered or tried to be falsified, another fear emanates i.e. to protect our beliefs. Again, even in this instance fear produces another fear.


So , how can we prevent fears ?in order to reduce the fear you must reduce your desires and attachments. Lesser will be attachment lesser will be fear . Help the other people with their problems because the moment you help them you will be alleviating their fears and this will boost soul. The best possible way is to know the truth and face it. It is nothing you can do if anything critical happens to you or your life. Fear is just way to obstruct or hinder your life. But the truth life will move on . So, instead of hiding behind fears come out of it and face your nightmares. Believe me , after the facing of fear , a very beautiful life awaits you with new hopes.

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