Eyes predictions

eyes prediction

Your eyes reveal great deal of information about your characters. They can be easily identified and doesn’t require any specific technique to interpret the information about eyes. You just have to look towards and  notice the depth and position of the eyes. It will take you less than a minute to identify a person. Eyes predictions are generally quite accurate but in some or very few cases exception can be found.

  • Deeper the eyes set in the head greater is their nearness to brain and therefore shorter it takes to transmit information from eyes to brain. Therefore , more shrewd is the person . In these people there eyebrows will overhang their eyes.
  • If the eyes are in level with forehead then such persons are dull and therefore lack grasp. They tend to take far greater time to grasp things.
  • Projecting eyes signifies universal observation but it leads to lack of close scrutiny and perception of individual things.
  • Deep set eyes reveal definite and highly precise impressions and less discursive in views.
  • Round eyed persons tend to see and live in senses and they don’t use their intellect.


  • Narrow eyed person tends to see less and think more and feel more . They give a great deal of thought on various issues even small ones.


  • Larger the pupil of the eye , clearer the intellect and therefore greater the power to comprehend.
  • Dark color eyes indicate power and light one indicates delicacy.
  • Dark eyes have more passion and intensity in their eyes whereas grey and light color eyes are calculating, cool and precise.
  • Fullness under the eyes indicate prominent eyes . These kind of persons are ready speakers and writers. These people have their eyes outward and downward therefore causing anterior projection.  Musicians also have these kind of eyes and therefore indicates creativity .
fullness under eyes

fullness under eyes

So, this was all about eye predictions. Notice the eyes carefully and there you go . You will be having great deal of information within minutes.

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