Elephant’s Trunk Pose


Eka hasta bhujasana is also called as elephant’s trunk pose. This asana is one of the asana of hatha yoga. “Eka” means one , hasta means hand  and bhujasana means arms and asana means posture.  It is also great for enhancing balancing capability of the body.

Elephant’s Trunk Pose


  • Start the asana by sitting in a comfortable and cross legged position with your spine straight . Take several breaths.

  • Lift your right shin off the floor with your hands. Keep your shin parallel to the floor and cradle your lower leg in arms.

  • Place your right knee in crook of your right elbow and right foot in the crook of your left elbow.

  • Loosen your hip by moving your cradled leg gently back and forth in the hip socket.

  • Spend some breaths and come to the center by moving your leg and release the right arm from right knee.

  • Thread your right arm under right knee by placing your right hand on the ground. Make sure to keep your  right arm bent at the elbow and let your  back of your right knee resting on your upper arm.

  • Use your left hand on the right foot to work the right calf as close as possible to the right shoulder. Now the back of your right thigh will be on the back of your right upper arm. Higher the calf smoother will be the pose.

  • Straighten and extend the left leg on the floor .

  • Release the left arm and place your left hand on the floor outside the left thigh.

  • Make sure that both your hands are parallel.

  • Inhale deeply and engage your core and extended left leg. Press into both palms and lift your butt and left leg off the floor while exhaling. Your palms should be only the point of contact.

  • Perform the asana for several breaths. Keeping the muscles of the left leg hugging to the bone and the left foot flexed will make it easier to keep that leg lifted off the floor.

  • Release the pose while exhaling .

  • Now do the pose on the other side.

  • Elephant’s Trunk Pose Benefits

  • Strengthens arms and shoulders.

  • Opens hip and strengthens hip girdle.

  • Improves balance and coordination.

  • Ease menstrual discomfort.

  • Great for gymnasts.

  • Cautions

    Elephant’s Trunk Pose

  • People with shoulder and wrist injuries should not perform this asana.

  • Engage all the four corners of your palms to avoid any severe wrist injury.

  • People who have undergone any surgery in the past should abstain.

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