Destiny number in numerology plays a crucial role in determining the career path you are likely to choose. This number in numerology also helps you in identifying the career in which you are likely to be successful . This number is determined by your name . By reading and adding the corresponding numbers from chart you can easily determine the destiny number. But make sure that you must use the same name mentioned on the birth certificate. Even if your nickname is mentioned on your birth certificate then go with it. It is also believed by certain numerologist that your destiny number is the result of your previous birth karmas.

Calculate Your Destiny Number

Note down the corresponding number from your name from the above table.

Let’s say your name is John Abe

Then John will correspond to J+O+H+N= 1+6+8+5( J corresponds to 1 in above table and so on )

= 20 which further can be reduced to 2+0=2

Similarly Abe= A+B+E=1+2+5=8

Now add both the digits 8+2 = 10 which will further reduce to 1+0=1

Make sure not to reduce your master number 11,22,33 keep them as it is.

  • 1 Destiny Number

You are likely to be the leader for others and should are likely to be successful in setting up your own business. The problem is that you begin to doubt your capabilities. Embrace yourself and work autonomously. The best profession for you would be politics, administrative jobs or your own business. Independent contractor, business owner, manager, team leader, public speaker, politician, real-estate broker, executive, media professional, financial advisor, creative director etc.

  • 2 Destiny Number

This number denotes the ability to maintain peace in your family, friends or surroundings. You can be a good healer even  to environment and animals. The best profession suitable for you is doctor, counselor, environmentalist or job in United Nations, healer, nurse, veterinary technician, caregiver, stay-at-home mom or dad, chef, mediator, negotiator, hairstylist, makeup artist, bookkeeper, cosmetologist, guidance counselor etc.

  • 3 Destiny Number

This number signifies that you have good communicative abilities and are self expressive. Your life mission is to inspire and motivate others surrounding you. The shortcoming in these people is that they are fickle minded and they don’t have straight priorities. They want to dominate all the trades but it is of vital importance to choose any fixed trade otherwise in lieu of wanting more you might have none. The best profession is counselor, teacher or professor, Entertainer, communications professional, artist, chef, landscaper, designer, actor, musician, dancer, comedian, child-care professional, teacher, writer, publicist, photographer, clairvoyant, healer, jewelry maker, florist, salesperson, shop assistant, color consultant etc.

  • 4 Destiny Number

You are very dedicated worker. You are likely to bring the good qualities and expertise in others. You have great acumen and knows what efforts are needed to bring certain result in a particular direction. The problem with you is that you sometimes become too much engrossed in work and neglected your family . Best Profession would be corporate job especially human resource, mentor, counselor and a teacher.

  • 5  Destiny Number

You prefer adventure in your life and are likely to enjoy every experience. You are freedom lover and are great at communication and persuasion. Best profession would be a salesperson, traveler(guide) networker , teacher, Travel consultant; travel guide; airline worker; event planner; reporter; public speaker; advertising, marketing, or sales consultant, promoter, communications or media professional, detective etc.


  • 6  Destiny Number

You are a good caregiver and nurtures people surrounding you  with love. You are likely to help other people but not at your own expense. People are very comfortable around you and are likely to open with you. You can be good counselor, advisor or psychologist, Hairstylist, fashion or interior designer, florist, psychiatrist, therapist, teacher, healer, chef, decorator, customer-service representative, nurse, caregiver, alternative therapist, child-care professional etc.

  • 7  Destiny Number

These people likely to explore and seek the truth .You are very curious to understand the purpose of your life and your favorite words are  “why and how ”. You can be good researcher or a scientist in your life and analyst, IT consultant, philosopher, psychologist, therapist, inventor, reporter, writer, scientist, engineer, computer programmer, web designer, technical or health consultant, accountant etc.

  • 8 Destiny Number

These people posses great business acumen and are likely to live a life of high moral standards. You utilize your power and creativity to chase your dreams. You are also a leader to those who lack these capabilities. Best profession for you is  contractor, manager, supervisor, Business owner team leader, banker, financial analyst , real-estate broker etc.

  • 9  Destiny Number

These people have humanitarian nature. You are likely to judge other people but should refrain judging them solely on unjustified facts. This way will help you get familiar with the outer world.  Best profession for you will be Teacher, artist, writer, doctor, nurse, philanthropist, health or education professional, alternative therapist, social worker, activist; HR or recruitment consultant; publicist etc.

  • 11/2  Destiny Number

These people possess the power to attain spiritual truth. They seek for spirituality and inspire others. You were born to promote peace and harmony in the world . Best profession for you is Public speaker, life coach, entertainer, film/TV actor, motivational speaker, mediator, healer etc.

  • 22/4 Destiny Number

These people tend to have ability to bring ideas into practical application. They prefer building a peaceful and productive society by harnessing their practical and methodical approach. Best business profession for them is  business owner ,CEO, manager, politician, architect, engineer, diplomat inspirational speaker, spiritual leader, government worker etc.

  • 33/6  Destiny Number

These people have tendency to bring joy and happiness to the world by their creativity and compassion. They are excellent caregiver and good at healing. But make sure not to interfere in the life of others. Best profession for them is Entertainer, musician, spiritual teacher, environmentalist, clairvoyant, public speaker, motivational speaker, hairstylist, designer, decorator etc.


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