Desires in relationship

In this post we are going to discuss the role of desires in relationship . How your desires can affect your relationship severely. Desires are mere sensation stored in the memory of our mind. Desires in a relationship plays far more crucial role than you can imagine. You might be wondering what does desires have to do with your relationship. The remarkable thing about desire is that they keep on increasing. The same thing applies to your relationship. With the advancement of time in relationship you tend to have more demands or desires in your relationships. If you have fulfilled a desire once then you feel a great sensation in your mind and when the same desire or sensation is fulfilled is repeated then you won’t enjoy it as much as you did earlier. For Example Let’s suppose you own a Ferrari . After few years again you are provided the same model  but at this point of time you will not be as enthusiastic as you were earlier.  Now you want something  greater or something to bigger to soothe your mind. This leads to more desires and more complexity and slowly your peace is vanished .


Generally, in your relationship you tend to compare yourself with any other couple from nearby family or friends. Now after seeing that the other couple is really very happy, desires begin to rise in your mind that you should also have the similar relationship with your partner . With time this ‘ should’ changes to ‘must ‘. Now you start expecting your partner to behave as you demand. But after some time this leads to minor fight . After sometime again you try to impose your desire on your partner and there is fight  again. But this time all your earlier fights will begin to haunt you and this time the fight will convert to war.


So , did you notice that how can a small desire or imposition of yours on  your partner can drift you apart. Instead of imposing your desires on your partner it’s better to discuss with him or her first. Believe me most of your fights occur due to imposition of your desires on one another . The day you stop imposing  yourself on your  partner you will be sharing the best relationship in the world.
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