Cure your addiction

Cure your addiction

In this post we are going to discuss abut addiction and how can we cure it. Addiction is obsession with something or someone .Addiction can be of anything from alcohol, drugs to sexism.  So, to cure your addiction it is  of utmost importance to identify the source and factors that facilitate your addiction. You may  need  medical help to cure your addiction but your psychology plays far more important role . So, if you are having mild addiction, then you can cure it by being psychologically strong but if you have extreme addiction then it is necessary to have medical care and follow this blog.


  • Identify the sources i.e. your company , friends etc.  These are the persons who like to go for the addiction with you . The truth is these are not your real friends . Do you know what does an alcoholics or druggist like in this world most?? Yeah that’s alcohol for a alcoholics and drugs for a druggist . For these  materials they are willing to kill anybody. Now you might be considering that already knew this. But have you ever considered  why these addicts share their alcohol, drugs etc. with you ?? Although they are willing to kill for these substances. The reason sometimes their inner conscience haunts them. They think that they are doing something wrong but by sharing it with you they feel that they are doing the right thing.  That means you are just a mean for them to prove that whatever they are doing is right. And doomsday waits for them as they begin to lose their conscience forever. If somebody is offering you your addiction material then you must keep distance from them. Your 50% improvement in curing your addiction  comes from your circles, friends only. Leave the one who helped in fostering your addiction and adopt who are clean.
  • Keep yourself busy in some other activities that interests you the most. Go for the recreational activities. If possible try to stay with the person that inspires you the most.

  • Go for meditation and yoga classes . These are the best method to cure your addiction as they bolster your mind.

  • If it is becoming difficult for you to quit at once then try to reduce the addiction slowly weeks after weeks.

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    To cure your addiction it’s of utmost  importance to be psychologically strong. Then only medication can help. Try to imagine the person you love the most whenever thoughts for your addiction came to your mind. Imagine what will happen to them if you follow your addictions. Last but not least keep faith in you. If you don’t have faith in you at least have faith in the people who loves you the most.

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