Creativity Redefined

Creativity Redefined

In this post we are going to discuss about a very small word though very powerful . Creativity is the ability of a person to  develop or create his original  ideas. Creative is also the extent of a person’s imagination and is often termed as inventiveness.  In modern scientific era we all tend to feel and call ourselves creative. But is that really true?? The truth is majority of us are lacking this skill and that’s the reason why we are leading our society towards disintegration and chaos . Lack of creativity is leading to disintegration of society , nation and world. In today’s world, we are raised by our family with their own virtues and their own ethics. Our education system develops us as per the requirement of our system.  Some of us become businessmen , engineer or doctor. But that is all due to our system . How does that indicate your creativity . The system has molded you in the person you are today. Today everything is designed and developed on the basis of some previous ideologies . Our societies teaches us to be Hindu, Muslim or Christian. That’s the religious ideologies that we are imitating.  We are just copying our predecessor and developing on their ideologies. Our own ideologies has lost their significance in this imitative world.


I don’t condemn you for following  system . But  we must  develop our own ideas instead of blindly following other ideologies. Do you know that we can save thousands of lives just by developing  our ideology. Every year thousands of innocent lives are killed in communal riots, racism etc. Do you know why?? Because the killer tends to adopt the ideology of their religious or their race leader. Thousands are butchered every year just for the sake few ideologies. If perpetrators  adopt  their own ideology our world be a better place. But that doesn’t mean that we should wait for them to change. They are because of us. By acknowledging racism ,casteism  etc. we foster their belief. The moment every soul ( who favours them) starts criticizing them , all of them will be gone. Again , it all depends ideology and creativity of an ideology. Creativity helps us conquer our demons. Individual with creativity will lead to form a calm and peaceful society which further forms a similar nation.  Our world needs  architects for the new system because an imitative ideology doesn’t  survive long. Our system needs great creators and not imitators. When there will be people who can question their political leaders then only we can come out of these miseries , wars ,riots and confusion surrounding us.

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