Contradictory Relationships

In this post we are going to discuss about how contradiction  in a relationship can harm it to a great extent . So, before beginning let’s explore the meaning of contradiction . Whenever we have fixed desires and we encounter something not up to the expectation then comes the contradiction . Generally, we tend to criticize or contradict a situation, person or even a thing if it is not as per our desires. Your desires can be hidden too. Many of us tend to imagine their partner to be perfect in every sense. We want that our partner should always listen to me only. She/he should always cater to our desires and much more. After certain period of time our desires and wishes begin to be memorized in our subconscious mind . We become  extremely  placate  to minute details . Our attitude begin to shift and our habit to see faults in our partner rises and hence the separation between couples begins from here.


The cause of these contradictory attitude develops from  experiences from past. Due to some bitter experiences from our past we tend to adapt and save these traits in our mind. Whenever we are in relationship with some other , we tend to condemn all the traits we don’ t want . I don’t  condemn you for desiring a perfect partner. But in this materialistic world nobody is perfect except God.  Due to this contradictory tendency we always live in past and future. We forget our present before us. Nobody is perfect in this world but instead of focusing on negative traits we must search for positive traits in our partner. Your partner definitely has greater positive traits than negative traits.

Last but not least since when does love incorporates demands and desires. Instead of asking your partner to change it’s your to change first by leaving your past experience. Even if you do find any highly negative trait in your partner you must tell her with complete honesty in a nicer way and find a way to solve with the help of each other. But you find that your partner have plethora of negative traits to be changed than believe me it’s time for you to change first.


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