Chin Shapes and Personality

Chin Shapes and Personality

In this post we are going to discuss the various chin shapes and personality associated with them . Different chin shapes reveal different personalities. Dr. Redfiled says that In the face the signs of the different faculties of love are in the chin.

  • Benevolence and congeniality is associated with round and fat chin and which projects in the center. This type of person will like others to enjoy with him and he wants all his friends remain close to him and he prefer their complete well being.

round chin

  • Selfishness is associated with people whose length of the chin downward in the center which is accompanied by thin lips. But people with thin lips indicate coolness and precision.

Long chin

  • Ardent love is indicated by broad and round chin . Fullness of the red part of the lips indicate such characteristics. Women  with broad , round chin is very sympathetic , large hearted and fond of children , animals and all helpless creatures.
  • Desire to love is indicated by a narrow and square chin. Such person love everything and everybody. But he would be fickle and will quickly desert from one person to another. Similar chin shape is found in cat denoting its fickle attitude .

square chin

  • People with dimple in their chin wants everyone to love them and they want themselves to be loved.

dimpled chin

  • Love of physical beauty is determined by breadth of middle part of the chin. These people seek beauty and they prefer beautiful surroundings. But that doesn’t mean that they have sensual They only prefer beauty not for any sexual desire.
  • People with deep horizontal indentation indicates violent or passionate love. The lower part of chin comes out and mouth and upper part of chin slightly recede in . They generally have long chin with deep indentation. Such people have very deep intensity for love. This type of chin Is mainly found in men and not women as women are generally more faithful then men. Such person prefer love and may not be faithful to their partner . But it is compensated by other factors like head or nose of appropriate shape.

So this was all about chin shapes and their corresponding personality. But make sure to look for all the shapes and size of other body parts too such as head, nose etc. It might be possible that other positive body part shape might compensate for the negative effect of chin shape.

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