In this post we are going to discuss about the cheating in relationship that sometimes even leads to arousal of suicidal tendency in a relationship. If the person is having suicide thoughts that signifies that she/he is very depressed and has lost all the hope for their future. So, let’s evaluate the scenario in which a person might have these negative thoughts.

Cheating in relationship

This is the most common reason/ excuse for getting depressed or being hopeless that in extreme cases might lead to  committing suicide. Generally, in a relationship when a person cheats, it leads to the depression of the other . The other person becomes excessively sad and highly depressed and therefore tries to end the inexhaustible( as per his perception) pain by committing suicide.

Allspirituals View: Firstly, the evil or sin has been done by your partner and not by you. Then why do you have to bear for the sins committed by your partner. The above scenario implies that the criminal is somebody else and punishment is afflicted on another innocent souls.

Secondly, Do you sincerely believe that your traitor partner deserves your life? Why do you have to pay for the sins of somebody else. It’s your life and you have spent your life with utter honesty and dedication. There are millions of people who are waiting for you to be their life partner. Then why waste your life after such dishonest and treacherous people. Don’t leave hope as there are millions for you better than you had and who will be willing to sacrifice for you.

Thirdly, even if somebody do commit suicide, what happens afterwards. Your treacherous partner will roam around now without any shame or fear. She/he will be free to enjoy their treacherous life. But the truth is you should be the one to enjoy the life but you are unable to do so because you were a loser and ended your life.

Last but not least your life is a precious gift from the almighty. Don’t waste or ruin it for deceptive ones. Get up and have a new partner. You can easily find a better person because of your loveable and honest attitude. So, don’t waste your life. Rise and shine to a highest point so that the deceptive partner feels repentant of losing you. With your every success in life , the deceptive one will always yearn and repent for losing you.  GET UP AND SAY “BRING IT ON “ TO YOUR LIFE .

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