Cause of your worries—Revealed

We all are surrounded by their own miseries and confusion.  These miseries have made us the beggar for mercy and relief. We have become the spectators of the system just like observers in Football or cricket etc. When miseries falls on us  we tend to look towards a leader who can get us out of the miseries surrounding us. When that leader begins to fail we again raise our hope and we tend to look towards religious leaders or God. But today even the most holy books doesn’t shed the light on truth as these have already been available to fulfill their propaganda. I am not condemning the God I want to shed light on truth. Today we ourselves can’t agree to the spiritual texts as even after reading them we find ourselves in the state of uncertainty and we have lots of questions unanswered. But the truth is want to run from our miseries or worries instead of facing them we have tendency to look forward to others for help.  Even if some people do get the idea to come out of their miseries, they start focusing on the idea only. They forget about the other men life/society. At this stage idea becomes far important than humanity.  The cause of your worries is you. You chose to be the spectator instead of acting. You yourself have maligned the society with your deeds. Society is formed when we are able realize the thought s  and  sympathize with others. But even  a single element of society becomes misguided the whole society stars collapsing. We tend to blame the society for their miseries but the truth is society is from us only. We always indirectly blaming us. If you want reduce your miseries then be the leader not spectator but make sure that you will have to do this for humanity . Stop this blame game . Instead of depending on other for truth just trust your wisdom and establish the validity of the truth you are going to seek . Understand every thought instead of understanding person.

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