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Find Your Life Path Number in Numerology

Life path number is one of the most crucial number in numerology. This number signifies about your nature and what kind of life you will lead. This number in numerology will determine the path you are destined to choose in this life. It also signifies the kind of experience you will be encountering through your whole life.

Life number in numerology is determined by your date of birth. It is simple addition of your date of birth and subsequent addition of dual digits or the totals comes to 11,22 or 33.

Method 1 — Reducing down the numbers

  • Reduce the date of birth down to three single digit number until you get total of 11 and 22.

For example

December 12, 1951 or 12-11-1951

Date= 1+2 = 3  Month = 11 will remain same as 11,22 or 33 are master number.

Year =1+9+5+1=16 which will further reduced to 1+6=7

Therefore now total becomes 3+11+7= 21 which will further reduce to 2+1 = 3

Hence 3 is your life path number in numerology.

  • Let’s take another example for 2-2-1960

This will be reduced to 2/2/              1+9+6+0=16=1+6=7

2+2+7=11 as 11 is a master it cannot be reduced further therefore 11/2 is your life path number in numerology.

Method 2—- Adding across the date of birth

Let’s take an  example to study the above method.


In order to determine the life path number of the above example you simply have to add all the digits i.e. 1+2+8+1+9+9+2=5 therefore 5 will be your life path number.

Life Path Number Meanings

  • 1 Life Path Number

This number signifies that the person is an independent individual . You can lead your life yourself and you don’t need any of the leaders. Sometimes you might feel lonely  and alone but you must harness your uniqueness from rest of the world so that you may improve your life.

Step up and lead the herd instead of becoming one.

  • 2 Life Path Number

This life path number in numerology signifies that you are a  peace lover and will be fostering peace in your family, circle, friends and community .You always care for other and are likely to care for them before your own interests. This is your major strength and also becomes your weakness as some people take you for granted. You are a very good listener and are likely to heal others verbally  with utter dedication.

  • 3 Life Path Number

This life path number in numerology denotes that the person possesses the creative and communicative abilities that can be very fruitful to this world. These people tend to be highly creative and imaginative and have some great ideas. They also posses good sense of humor which make them fun loving

  • 4 Life Path Number

People with this number in numerology tend to be very hard working. They are the pillars of the community and even their family. These people know very well what hard work is needed to get the appropriate results. But these people don’t appreciate change in their life. They take lot of time to adapt as per changing surroundings. Sometimes , they begin to see life as obstacle but they shift their perspective towards life. They possess the capability to overcome struggles .

  • 5 Life Path Number

This life path number in numerology indicates the individual prefer freedom. These people prefer adventure through their every venture of life and are likely to learn from every adventure and experience from their life. But it is of vital importance to know your limitations and your responsibilities.

  • 6 Life Path Number

These people tend to love and cater to the needs of their friends , colleagues and co workers. They are friendly and generous to others and are likely to help everybody in spite of the level of difficulty. These  people are generous with their money , time and provide attention to every problem. But they must give some time and attention to their family too.

  • 7 Life Path Number

This number in numerology indicates the tendency of attaining and living a spiritual life. These people wants to seek truth and knowledge about universe. They want to seek knowledge based on metaphysics and are likely to work on personality development.

  • 8 Life Path Number

This number indicates that the person possess and follows a business minded approach . They tend to have a powerful and creative mind so focus on your dreams and don’t get disparaged by your fears. You possess the capability to generate money, wealth and power. But don’t forget your honesty and integrity . These are the key attributes that will likely boost your career.

  • 9 Life Path Number

This life path number in numerology signifies that the person is of very compassionate character. They want to make the world better place with their efforts. They prefer to work in law enforcement , health or writing . Before changing the world they must understand the problems with that . They are likely to face family drama but you must learn to move on.

  • 11/2 Life path Number

Here treat 11 as master number and 2 as base number. These people prefer to develop spiritually. They are likely to develop their own ideas and pass on to the next generation. But make sure to keep your ego in check and know your limits. You must learn to say “No” to any bad influence. Once you follow these things you are likely to succeed whatever you want to do.

  • 22/ 4 Life Path Number

These people are likely to turn ideas into practical applications. They possess managing qualities and are likely to have logical , consistent and methodical approach. They remain balanced , grounded and should maintain self confidence in themselves. They might seem very hard and tough from outside but they are sensitive and caring from inside.

  • 33/6 Life Path Number

You are a natural  healer. The number in numerology signifies that you are likely to provide good care especially to children. You are sensitive and caring by heart. But you must not interfere in other people lives and maintain your limits as others might feel it to be intruding .You can be a very good parent ,teacher , counselor and artist . The world needs you to ensure joy and happiness in the world.

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