Beliefs—Guide towards God or away from humanity

In this post we are going to discuss about whether the beliefs are boon or mere hindrance which is keeping us far from truth. So, what are beliefs?? Beliefs is generally accepting of nay principle or any thought without any evidence. They were adopted to get closer to the holy god. They were meant to give hope to the people but with time the beliefs have changed their purpose. Now a days , the beliefs are adopted mainly due to the fear. Fear is  the factor today that is binding us towards the god. Many of us tend to go to church , temple etc. The reason is some of us wants Ferrari , some wants A grade in their exams and some even  for a girl of their dreams. But nobody goes for God. With time our beliefs have been transformed into the fact that if you belief in god or have faith in him you will get your wish fulfilled.


After that another role of beliefs begin. We tend to feel that we light candles or donate in church , temple or pour milk over idols then god will be happy with our deeds. Now our beliefs help in fostering corrupt priests who tend to swallow all the money that was to meant for people who cannot even afford a meal for a day. There are many people dying at their homes for treatment of tuberculosis, jaundice etc. but we are busy in our beliefs.  Go on Google and type donation at holy places and you will find that thousands of sites are waiting for you. Every year billon of dollars are lost thanks to our beliefs. Also, our government cannot interfere in these rituals again thanks to our beliefs and finally no tax is levied on them. Allspirituals doesn’t condemn God but it does condemn the extent to which people can go to fulfill their dreams.


Our fear has created havoc in the world. People are murdering thousands because they believe that their God will like them for their deeds. Beliefs have created Hindu, Muslim, Christian and  19 other religions. Another hilarious fact we have varieties too. There are varieties in single religion too. There are around 34000 varieties in all religions. Our God made us human only and we divided him into more 34000 parts. Again the credit goes to our beliefs.

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It is time to shed these beliefs. Have faith in god if you want to but not in priests and idols. Next time if visit a church , temple or mausoleum instead donating thousands of your cash to the place, try to fulfill the needs of the poor . You will feel far better and you yourself will feel to be on path of god (real god).

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