Bakasana Benefits

Bakasana is also known as crane pose is one of the hatha yoga exercises. Bakasana benefits mainly includes strengthening of core abdominal and arm  muscles.

ProcedureBakasana Benefits

  • Stand straight on the mat without any curves or bends in your body.

  • Slowly squat down keeping your feet little apart and keeping your knees wider than hips . Place your hands flat on the floor.

  • Hold your hands firmly and tightly on the ground. Start lifting your hips high and make sure to keep your elbows at 90 degrees .Keep your knuckle of index finger and thumb firmly.

  • Slowly place your knees high( as much possible)  on your upper arms. Hug the knees and elbows in, exhale and round strongly through the upper back drawing your side waist up, using your abdominals.

  • Bakasana Benefits

  • Squeeze in and up and bring your weight forward so that the elbows end up straight over the wrist.

  • Inhale reach the heart forward and let one foot come up, if possible two. Bring the heels and big toes together and lift the heels up over time towards the buttocks.

  • Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths and come to the squat position .

  • Anatomy

    Bakasana Benefits

  • Strengthens the wrists and arms.

  • Stretches the upper back considerably and induces flexibility and elasticity in spine.

  • Tones various organs in the abdominal region.

  • Opens up groin region.

  • Enhances body balance, concentration and co-ordination of the whole body.

  • Feelings of doubts and hesitation reduces considerably and bolsters the self confidence.

  • Functioning of digestive system improves and problems like heartburns and acidity reduces considerably.

  • Cautions

  • Keep the neck straight so that you may avoid sprains and strains.

  • Pregnant ladies should refrain from this asana.

  • People with severe arms injuries or who have undergone surgeries should do it with great care.


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