Are you having loneliness??


In this post we are going to discuss loneliness. Many people define loneliness to be the state of despair and hopelessness. But this definition is biased as it has been defined under the influences of various ideologies, books, conferences etc. For example let’s suppose your spouse is leaving for few days as he/she has to be rewarded with some great honor. At that time in the absence of your spouse you feel lonely and you don’t feel despair or hopelessness. Clearly this scenario contradicts the definition of loneliness. Loneliness is just a void , having nothing to do or feeling uncertain about the situation .


When people encounter loneliness they tend to feel this void or emptiness. They try to socialize , go to cinemas, spend time with friends , go to  a trip etc. They sometimes experience inexhaustible pain due to loneliness. This unending pain needs to be dealt with . So, they try to escape the situation by doing these activities . They are doing these activities to cover the void instead of filing it. The cause of the void is other and we try to fill the void with something else. Do you really think that these activities can fill your void ? These are just the techniques to escape the void.

The solution to the above scenario is to face the situation that has caused the void .  Facing the scenario is the only to fill the void. Some people might feel difficulty in adopting above solutions. In most of the cases, people don’t know the cause of their splitting up. They keep on saying the expression “ She/he is not the one.” They themselves are not aware what they want in their partner. So, they both start avoiding each other as they feel that they will encounter pain. This leads to a void which the partner tries to cover up by dating plethora of individuals. Instead of facing the situation we run away.


Get up and say “Bring it on” to your problems. By this way you will know both your weaknesses and strengths. Only by knowing your weakness , you can make you better and fill the void of loneliness. When you will know your shortcomings ,you won’t feel lonely . As in that case ‘you’ yourself are the cause. By facing your shortcoming you will become a better person  and it might lead you to eternal love.

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