Anulom Vilom(yoga) -- Cure Your Diabetes


This is very easy and powerful  breathing exercise in yoga . It  doesn’t need any sought of physical movement . It can be done with people with back pain due to slip disk and people with pacemakers too.   It is best for stress relief and helps in protecting your organs and is one of the best to strengthen your nervous system .  This asana is best suitable for person with brain disorder , paralysis or nervous breakdowns.


First and foremost requirement of this yoga is that you should have an empty stomach. You should practice this yoga exercise in morning itself but if you do not get time in morning, Then  you can practice in evening too but make sure that the time gap between your last meal and this yoga should be around 6 hrs. Also, the place of yoga should be rejuvenated with fresh air.


Step 1

Sit  straight on a mat with your legs crossed. People with arthritis should sit on a chair with straight back.

Step 2

Now place the thumb of your other hand on one nostril and fold the index finger.

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Step 3

Keep the little and finger extended so that it will be easy to close your other nostril. Make sure that your hand should be in relaxed position. You don’t need to hold it in the mid- air. Your index and little finger of right hand should close your right nostril and ring finger should close left one.

Step 4

Inhale deeply through one nostril and make sure that your other nostril is closed . Now exhale through other nostril  by opening it and closing the former. This is  termed  as one cycle.

Step 5

Start the next cycle and do it vice versa i.e. inhale through left and exhale through right. Initially, do it for 5 minutes and try to raise the time to 15 minutes .


  • It keeps your lungs healthy so it helps in people with lung disease such as asthama.

  • Helps in relieving cough and cold.

  • Keeps your digestive system healthy.

  • Gives your skin internal glow.

  • Keeps your eyes healthy and cure blurred eyesight.

  • Has the potential to reverse the condition like heart disease and diabetes.

  • It also regulates cholesterol levels .

  • Increases lung capacity many times and regular practitioner can have lung capacity better than athletes.



    Scientific Analysis

  • Researchers have already testified that this yoga helps in enhancing lung capacity even in obese people.

  • Within four weeks of practice systolic blood pressure showed significant decrease.

  • The research paper can easily be found on Google. Be your own judge and validate the power of yoga.



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