11 Signs That You Two Are in a Committed Relationship

So you need to know whether your relationship is a dedicated one. Nowadays it's insufficient to accept that customary marks of "sweetheart," "sweetheart," or considerably "accomplice" are sufficient to affirm your restrictiveness status. Other than the more clear activities of living respectively and getting to be distinctly connected with, there are a few things that never show signs of change, and chances are if your relationship has any of the accompanying 11 attributes, there's a solid p…

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Swine Flu – Astrological reasons for its attack and Ayurvedic Prevention


It has now become the worst nightmare and even worser than HIV AIDS.
Now it is a serious concern for the world and the UNO has also sounded a world-wide alert. The first death of a girl child in Pune suffering from the attack of the disease has unnerved the entire country and people are in real scare

Swine influenza is also known as swine flu, hog flu or H1N1 flu. The transmission of the virus from pigs to humans in not common but if it occurs it is called “zoonotic swine flu”. T…

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Kidney Stones – their curing methods in Ayurveda


Kidney Stones cure in Ayurveda

Why are Kidney Stones formed ?

Excess Phlegm trying to leave body through urine gets stuck in kidneys and forms into stones. Drinking dirty water, floride mixed water, consuming vegetables and grains cultivated using chemicals, excess intake of medicines, stopping body excretions with pressure and also thyroid dysfunction forms kidney stones.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

As stones are being formed, you can feel pain below stomach and feel stomach bulging. While urinating it hur…

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Regrow hair on Bald Heads Naturally

regrow hair on bald head

Grow New Hair on scalp using tripala powder, radish/white onion and Black Sesame seeds oil
Don’t worry if you are balding. You don’t have to go for expensive medicines, which may have side-effects on your reproductive system.
You don’t have to go for expensive and risky hair transplant.
You can grow back your Hair naturally
Just follow these simple steps :

1. Shave off remaining hair.

2. Every morning rub your balding …

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Easy Summer Cooking – An Ayurvedic Mexican Lunch


Mexican Ayurveda

When the sun is shining it is natural to want to be outdoors. And on days when it is over 85 degrees, standing over a hot stove and cooking several meals a day doesn’t seem very appealing. Yet we do need to eat regular nourishing meals.

It is particularly important to keep cool and eat cooling foods in the summertime when pitta dosha is accumulating.

Mexican menu features easy and delicious recipes and suggestions that can help to keep pitta in balance during the summer while…

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Herbal Health Products in market – made of poisonous chemicals !



Herbal Products Toxic Chemicals

Health products made of chemicals are better than products made of so-called herbal materials.
Manufacturers claim that their shampoo, hair oil etc are purely herbal but lets see the reality.

Products that claim to be made from extracts of Amla and Alovera are not completely made with them only.
Chemicals are mixed to make them look like they are meant to be.
Turmeric, Sandalwood soaps are never made with that mate…

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Endometriosis Ayurvedic Treatment and Diet Remedy to avoid Surgery

Endometriosis Ayurvedic Treatment

Endometriosis is the gynecological disorder that occurs in Kapha (phlegm) prakriti women more than others.
Cells from the lining of the uterus (endometrium) appears and flourish outside the uterine cavity, the most commonly on the membrane which lines the abdominal cavity, the peritoneum.

Symptom of endometriosis are - pain and infertility. The pain often is the worse during the menstrual cycle and is the most common caus…

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Anti Aging Ayurvedic Treatment to restore Youth and Vitality

emblic myrobalan (Amla)


Ever wondered about the best anti aging ayurvedic treatment to restore lost youth and vitality ?
Well, many think that the opposite of depression is happiness but in reality, it is Vitality.

Youthful look and Vitality can be restored to large extent even in middle age.
There are many cosmetics and anti aging creams in market to reduce wrinkles, but those are made of chemicals and can damage your skin.
Instead of applying e…

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Dark Circles under Eyes

Ayurveda suggests that dark circles and puffiness under eyes occur due to the dominance of Vata and Pitta factors, fire and air elements in the body.

Lack of proper sleep, excess expose to television, computer screen, sinusitis, protein deficiency can also cause dark circles, wrinkles and puffy bags under eyes.
So you need to rehydrate your facial skin and remove excess heat from body.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Dark C…

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