This asana in yoga derives its name from a ‘bow’ or sanskrit word ‘ dhanush’. This name is given because when we do this asana our body takes the form of an bow or an arch. The Bow or Dhanurasana raises both halves of the body at once, co…

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Matsyasana[ Fish Pose] Asana in Yoga

This word in yoga means ‘ fish pose’ . If you maintain this pose in water you will find that your body will float on water. This is the reason for calling this a fish pose . This is very easy yoga exercise and anybody can do it with ease. This yoga  exercise is highly beneficial especially for perso…

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Bhujangasana [ Cobra Pose]- Yoga

This asana in yoga resemble the shape of a serpent named cobra. This asana in yoga is also performed during the sun salutation or surya namaskar .  This asana is easy but it does require some cautions. So let’s explore how it is performed.


  • Lie on your stomach and keep your feet toget…
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    Anulom Vilom(yoga) -- Cure Your Diabetes


    This is very easy and powerful  breathing exercise in yoga . It  doesn’t need any sought of physical movement . It can be done with people with back pain due to slip disk and people with pacemakers too.   It is best for stress relief and helps in protecting your organs and is one of the best to …

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    Kapalbhati Pranayama --- Skull Shining Breathing in Yoga

    In this post we are going to reveal another powerful breathing exercise called Kapalbhati Pranayama  or Skull Shining Breathing techniques. This exercise mainly helps you lose weight and helps you in gaining balance of your body. It is very easy to do and within few minutes it will relax you r body.…

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    Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

    This is one of the best  asanas in yoga  to calm your mind . It involves just breathing in a rhythmic manner and is highly beneficial to let go off your anger, anxiety and nervousness.  It is really very easy to practice and can be done at any place ant your home or even at your office. It is really…

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    How to do Surya namaskar / Sun Salutation Pose benefits revealed

    How to do SURYA NAMASKAR | SUN SALUTATION POSE | Beginners Yoga Pose

    Advantages of Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

    Without the Sun our beautiful planet will be doomed. Sun is the ultimate source of energy. Ancient Indian rishis and sadhus tend to pay respect towards the sun by doing Sury…

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    Surya Namaskar---Sun Salutation

    Surya Namaskar---Sun Salutation

    Yoga denotes union of one’s consciousness or soul with the universal consciousness or spirit. It  is  a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Although many people consider yoga to be set of physical exercise where people tend to twist , turn and do exercise but  it…

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    Sheetali Pranayama, Seetkari Pranayama : Steps and Benefits

    Sheetali PranayamaSheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath Technique) is a really effective way to cool the body and calm the mind while expelling toxins from the body simultaneously.
    It is also said to relieve a variety of stomach and lower-abdominal ailments.
    The word Sheetali (शीतली) means “the one that c…

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    How to cleanse your Aura Energy

    Every individual has an auric zone around him which is called aura alias bio-plazic. This is the defence shield of the body. Auric zone can be felt in all individuals
    Aura energy around a bodyAll gods, goddesses saints and holy men have a light zone surrounding their heads. This is their Auric zone. Ordinary people are al…

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    Seven Chakras Balancing Meditation

    The energy your chakras emit is experienced by you in the form of your thoughts and your feelings! The below illustration will assist you with visualizations of the following exercise. The colors represent the colors one must visualize in order to cleanse and seven chakras balancing…the energy cente…

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    Asanas in Yoga to reduce Menstrual Pain

    Pasasana (Noose Pose)Menstrual Periods bring pain, fatigue, irritabililty, and discomfort.
    However, there are few aasanas in Yoga to reduce menstrual pain and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

    Paasasana (Noose Pose)

    Paasasana (Noose Pose) is known by that name because of the twist done while doing this pose.
    The na…

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    Ardha Matsyendrasana Benefits and Precautions

    Ardha MatsyendrasanaArdha Matsyendrasana (Sanskrit: अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन), Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, Half Spinal Twist Pose or Vakrasana is an aasana that usually appears as a seated spinal twist with many variations, and is one of the twelve basic asanas in many systems of Hath…

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    Yoga after Pregnancy to reduce Tummy and for Weight Loss

    Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose) in YogaGiving birth to a child is the most memorable moment in a woman’s life.
    But, most mothers spend all their time in taking care of the baby and neglect their own health.

    The most neglected part is their tummy, which was stretched during 9 months of pregnancy and doesn’t go back completely.
    There …

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    Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose for strengthening Knees, Back & Neck

    Gomukhasana or Cow Face PoseGomukhasana or Cow Face Pose is a Yogasana whose ultimate position of legs looks like the face of a cow.
    The name comes from the Sanskrit words Go (गो, Go) meaning “cow“, Mukha (मुख, mukha) meaning “head” or “mouth“.

    The word Go also means “light“, so gomukh may refer to the…

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    Supta Vajrasana (Reclined Thunderbolt Pose), procedure and benefits

    Supta Vajrasana

    In Sanskrit, supta (सुप्त) means ‘reclined‘, Vajra means ‘thunderbolt‘ and asana means ‘posture’. This is mainly useful in improving the digestive system and boosting our stamina.

    Although there are 14 variations in this supta vajrasana, practicing one and mastering i…

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    Yogasanas to increase Height Naturally, Grow Taller

    The focus of these asanas is to create flexibility while controlling your breath. This flexibility and control will help you gain height on many levels.
    However, these methods will work only if your age allows you to grow naturally. After certain age (around 21-22) height growth stops but you can to…

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    Stomach Rubbing Exercise for Flat Abdomen

    Stomach is the center of energy. Massaging the stomach in the manner described above therefore accomplishes more than just melting away adipose tissue (fat).
    This 2 minute stomach rubbing exercise will speed up sluggish digestive system (which usually carries at least 5 pounds of fecal matter within…

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    Jala Neti Kriya Benefits

    Jala Neti Kriya in YogaJala Neti kriya (nasal cleaning) is a cleansing practice of the sinus passages with warm saline water.
    Yogis have practiced it for centuries for its innumerable and powerful benefits.
    It is also called Neti or Saline Nasal Irrigation.

    In yoga, it has been used for its extremely powerful physical, p…

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    Matsyasana (Fish Pose) and Health Benefits

    Matsyasana (fish pose)The Matsyasana (Fish Pose), is the counterpose to the Shoulder Stand (sarvangasana) and must always be practiced after it.
    The asana is a backbend, where the practitioner lies on his or her back and lifts the heart (anahata) chakra by rising up on the elbows and drawing the shoulders back. The neck …

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    Halasana (Plough Pose) Benefits

    The Plough or Halasana completes the movement of Shoulderstand, bringing the feet and hands down to the floor to mould the body into the shape of a primitive plough.
    The name comes from the Sanskrit words hala (हला) meaning “plow” and asana (आसन) meaning “posture” or “seat”.

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    Kakasana (Crow Pose) Benefits

    Kakasana (crow pose in yoga)Kakasana, the crow pose got its name because in this posture, the posture of a cawing crow – with the body’s weight supported on the elbows and hands and the head thrust well forward.
    One of the most valuable balancing poses, the Crow or Kakasana is in fact relatively easy to achieve, tough it m…

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    Balayam yoga, natural way to regrow lost hair

    Balayam Yoga or Prasanna MudraHairloss in men can be caused by male pattern baldness (hereditary), DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) hormone release, smoking, alchohol, lack of proper nutition etc.
    Balayam is a natural yoga method which can cure almost all hair related issues like premature greying, hairfall, dandruff etc. This is also k…

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    Asanas for Balancing Hormones in Body ( by Bandhas )

    bandhas or neuro muscular locksBandhas or neuro-muscular locks are like vitamins in a human diet. They control the hormonal levels in a body by applying pressure on the glands.
    Balancing the hormones has an immediate effect on the skin of a person. Practise these bandhas with all your intensity to get startling results.


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    Yoga for Dark Cirles and Pimples

    Yoga helps one maintain a fit body as well as a beautiful look.

    PART – I

    Yoga helps one maintain a fit body as well as a beautiful look. From sparkling eyes to good hair to a glowing skin, yoga benefits the inner health as well as the outward appearance of a person. This new series of articles f…

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