Basic Principles of Vaastu


Basic Principles of Vaastu

In Vaastu , a square plot of land is mainly divided into nine divisions and every divisions is represented by a unique deity or flow of energy. Also, every architecture  is based on three fundamental principles mainly

  • Height and Weight
  • Slopes and Elevatio…

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Vastu and Yantra


Yantra is a tool or symbol conceived as a form pattern that represents a deity or any of the cosmic principle. Mantra is the sound body of the principle . When the thought is repeated constantly in the form of mantra it energizes yantra that can be used to accomplish a particular outcome and t…

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Vaastu Principles for Slopes and Elevations


Slopes and lower elevations in an architecture tends to bring in more energy. Positive energy flow increases if the East and North directions are kept at lower level. These directions should have more elevation compared to the other two directions. The South and West have more negative energie…

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Vastu Interior Design


Vastu interior design plays a very crucial role for creating a harmonious and peaceful environment in an architecture. Vastu interior design helps in generating an overall sense of well being for both the persons your guest as well as you. Vastu interior design includes the principles of heigh…

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Some Important Facts about vaastu

1.  Vaastu—Definition

Vaastu is a traditional Indian theory of architecture that guides the design and construction of  building synchronous to the laws of nature and thereby generating harmony. It  involves high level of   mathematics but we intend to teach you this practice with ease.

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What is Vaastu Shastra and its scientific validity—- revealed


Vaastu is a s Sanskrit word meaning  “ the science of structures”. It is based on ancient and traditional principles that deals in the construction and designing  of home/buildings with  its synchronization to the natural laws of universe. Its main aim is maintain the energy flow in a house th…

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Vaastu tips for students to avoid exam stress

Vaastu for StudentsHow do your kids prepare for exams? Do you find them getting  stressed up?
Do you find that their concentration is taking a backseat?
Are they fretting and fuming at you all the time?

Do they say ‘I can’t remember the things I study‘?
Do they get a mind block when they try to study?

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10 important DOs of Vaasthu

Important Vaasthu points

10 Important Vaastu points :-

Here are the most important dos of Vaastu which when adhered to will surely bring in good luck and prosperity!

1.Make sure the plot used to build a house is square, rectangular, circlular or oval shaped.

2.Place the bed in such a way that your head …

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Stair Case placement as per Vastu Shastra

Staircase in vaastuAs per vaastu shaastra, the staircase should always be in the negative zones like South-West, South or West part of the house.
If staircase is built in North-East corner, it will lead to chronic diseases among the members of the house.
Also, staircase should not be in center of the house.

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Vaastu Shastra and your horoscope

Vaastu shastra for horoscopeIf you think that just by aligning your house according to the rules of Vaastu Shaastra can clear off all your problems then the answer is NO. Just reading a book on Vaastu, and making the necessary changes on the home front can never bring the desired changes, and sometimes may lead to big disapp…

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